We provide structural engineering design services to architects, developers and construction companies on a diverse range of residential, commercial and community based building projects throughout New Zealand. Talk to us today about your next building project.

About Us

HFC: Group consists of 4 Companies, which carry out design work throughout New Zealand
HFC: Civil and Structural (North) Ltd is based at our Auckland Office and services the North Island.
HFC: Civil and Structural (South) Ltd is based at our Christchurch Office and services the South Island.
HFC: Foundations Ltd specialises in the design of conventional timber framed houses including the foundations.
HFC: Industrial Ltd specialises in the design of steel portal framed buildings.

Customer Service and Design

The team at HFC is dedicated to providing personalized customer service and giving our clients economical and practical designs.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we understand the requirements of the project and strive to design quality structures that are on budget and achieve architectural excellence.


HFC have extensive experience in the design of commercial office and apartment buildings from large single storey steel framed structures through to multistorey reinforced concrete buildings.
HFC work closely with the Client, Architect, and other consultants to achieve to ensure a well-coordinated design is achieved and construction on site proceeds smoothly resulting in quality landmark buildings.


HFC have designed hundreds of commercial buildings and industrial plants throughout New Zealand.
Successful projects include large storage facilities, industrial parks with office and warehousing as well as concrete plants.
Cost is always a big driver with Industrial projects and HFC work hard to optimize roofing, purlins and other structure to ensure a functional and economical result.

Community Buildings

Schools, Libraries, Museums, Public Swimming Pool complexes, Fire Stations are among some of the types of community buildings which HFC have been involved with.
These types of buildings normally require a high degree of coordination with a large design team while meeting tight milestones. HFC excel at meeting these demands and have the technical expertise and experience to be aware of the specific requirements and design considerations for this specialist area of work.



The engineering requirements for residential work vary widely between conventional timber framed group housing to high spec architectural precast and block homes.
For more conventional construction the simplicity of the structural layout and the selection of appropriate member sizes and types ensure easy to build and economical houses. The recent use of more innovative member types and floor systems such as laminated beams, HY90 beams and flitch beams where appropriate can help reduce costs.
HFC are proud to have worked on many of the landmark homes around New Zealand for some of the country’s most prestigious Architects.
Architectural houses require a very close working relationship between the Structural Engineer and the Architect to achieve the quality and vision expected. HFC have extensive experience in this area and many houses we have worked on have achieved Architectural Design awards.

Peer Reviews and Seismic Assessment

HFC regularly carry out peer reviews for other structural engineers and local councils.
Our team of experienced engineers work closely with the design engineer to ensure that all issues raised are resolved in a pragmatic and timely manner to ensure a smooth consent process often this involves independently modelling the buildings to provide a truly independent check of the design.
A PS2: Peer Review Producer Statement is provided on completion with a signed copy of design documentation as part the building consent process.
IEP (Initial Evaluations Procedure) and DEE (Detail Engineering Evaluations) of existing structures are also carried out by HFC.
IEP work includes a site inspection of each building as well as a check of any property file information held at the local council.
DEE work includes modelling the building structure accurately based on the available information to provide the most accurate result for the building owner.


HFC have specialized in the design of residential floor foundations for over 10 years and were responsible for developing the Allied Superslab, a very popular, economical and stiff concrete raft floor system.
More recently HFC have developed raft floor solutions for the Christchurch region suitable for use on TC1, TC2 and TC3 sites. Designs are all carried out specifically for the house type, foundation loads and geotechnical conditions on the site.
HFC are currently developing more alternative foundation designs for a variety of clients particularly for the more complex TC3 conditions encountered in the Christchurch region.
All foundation designs are provide with a PS1: Design Producer Statement suitable for building consent.
The team at HFC also carries out site inspections during construction and a PS4: Construction Review Producer Statement suitable for obtaining code of compliance on completion of the project.