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Multi-Unit & Medium Density


The engineering requirements for multi-unit & medium density developments is often more complicated than a single house build.

As industry leading experts in the design & development of economic residential foundation systems, HFC has drawn on their knowledge and applied it to provide robust, cost-effective solutions for medium density developments.

Advances in the use of engineered timber and mid floor systems where appropriate can help reduce cost by eliminating the number of structural steel members required. The key to a successful medium density development is achieving an efficient structural layout.

Careful consideration also needs to be given to site access, retaining wall requirements, connection to existing services, piling & bridging of public drainage lines, and fire separation.

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  • Location: Huapai Development, Auckland
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  • Location: Glen Innes, Auckland
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Are you getting ready to design and build a multi-unit or medium density development? Get in touch with us, we can help to ensure your project goes smoothly, and your structures are built to last.