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We've designed hundreds of commercial buildings and industrial plants throughout New Zealand. Including, but not limited to, large-scale storage facilities, industrial parks with offices and warehousing, and concrete plants.

We offer a wealth of specialist structural knowledge and experience with cold rolled portal frame design and construction, as well as conventional hot rolled or fabricated steel sections. On top of this, we collaborate with specialist industrial construction companies, who produce the most economical buildings in the business.

Producing architectural details for industrial buildings and carrying out designs on a regular basis has given us extensive experience, enabling us to produce structures tailored to specific needs quickly and easily.

"We aim to provide exceptional service with professional standards that develop into ongoing business relationships."

Cost is always a big driver with industrial projects. We work hard to optimise roofing, purlins, and other structures to ensure a functional and economical result.

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  • Location: Avondale, Auckland
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Do you need to design and construct a new industrial plant or building for your business? Get in touch with us, we can help to ensure your project goes smoothly, and your structures are built to last.